TTP15-019: [Source]

Exact N3LO results for q q'→ H +X

by Chihaya Anzai, Alexander Hasselhuhn, Maik H\"oschele, Jens Hoff, William Kilgore, Matthias Steinhauser, Takahiro Ueda

TTP15-005: [Readme] [Source]

Decoupling of heavy quarks at four loops and effective Higgs-fermion coupling

by Tao Liu and Matthias Steinhauser

TTP14-025: [Source] [Corresponding Preprint]

${\cal O}(\alpha_s^2)$ corrections to the running top-Yukawa coupling and the mass of the lightest Higgs boson in the MSSM

by David Kunz, Luminita Mihaila, Nikolai Zerf

TTP14-023: [Source]

OPE of the energy-momentum tensor correlator and the gluon condensate operator in massless QCD to three-loop order

by M. F. Zoller

TTP14-009: [Source]

Hadronic contribution to the muon anomalous magnetic moment to next-to-next-to-leading order

by Alexander Kurz, Tao Liu, Peter Marquard, Matthias Steinhauser

TTP14-002: [Source]

Three-loop matching of the vector current

Peter Marquard, Jan H. Piclum, Dirk Seidel, Matthias Steinhauser

TTP13-034: [Source]

Three-loop QCD Corrections to Bs → μ+ μ-

Thomas Hermann, Mikolaj Misiak, Matthias Steinhauser

TTP13-027: [Readme] [Source]

MT: a Mathematica package to compute convolutions

Maik Höschele, Jens Hoff, Alexey Pak, Matthias Steinhauser and Takahiro Ueda

TTP13-026: [Source]

Corrections of Order α αs to W Boson Decays

Dominik Kara

TTP13-024: [Source]

SLAM, a Mathematica interface for SUSY spectrum generators

Peter Marquard, Nikolai Zerf

TTP13-008: [Source]

beta-function for the Higgs self-interaction in the Standard Model at three-loop level

K. G. Chetyrkin and M. F. Zoller

TTP13-003: [Source]

OPE of the pseudoscalar gluonium correlator in massless QCD to three-loop order

M. F. Zoller

TTP12-048: [Source]

Penguin diagrams in the charm sector in K+ → πνν

Jorge Mondéjar and Jörg Rittinger

TTP12-046: [Source]

Complete three-loop QCD corrections to the decay H -> gamma gamma

P. Maierhöfer, P. Marquard

TTP12-045: [README] [Source]

Higgs boson production at the LHC: NNLO partonic cross sections through order ε and convolutions with splitting functions to N3LO

Maik Höschele, Jens Hoff, Alexey Pak, Matthias Steinhauser, Takahiro Ueda

TTP12-029: [README] [Source]

B → Xs gamma in the Two Higgs Doublet Model up to Next-to-Next-to-Leading Order in QCD

Thomas Hermann, Mikolaj Misiak and Matthias Steinhauser

TTP12-026: [README] [Source]

Supersymmetric next-to-next-to-leading order corrections to Higgs boson production in gluon fusion

Alexey Pak, Matthias Steinhauser, Nikolai Zerf

TTP12-025: [Source]

OPE of the energy momentum tensor correlator in massless QCD

M. F. Zoller, K. G. Chetyrkin

TTP12-022: [README] [Source]

Decoupling constant for αs and the effective gluon-Higgs coupling to three loops in supersymmetric QCD

Alexander Kurz, Matthias Steinhauser, Nikolai Zerf

TTP12-020: [Source]

Moments of heavy quark correlators with two masses: exact mass dependence to three loops

Jonathan Grigo, Jens Hoff, Peter Marquard, Matthias Steinhauser

TTP12-018: [Source]

Vector Correlator in Massless QCD at Order O(αs4) and the QED beta-function at five loop

by P. A. Baikov, K. G. Chetyrkin, J. H. Kühn and J. Rittinger

TTP12-017: [Source]

Adler Function, Sum Rules and Crewther Relation of Order O(αs4): the Singlet Case

by P. A. Baikov, K. G. Chetyrkin, J. H. Kühn and J. Rittinger

TTP12-012: [README] [Source]

Three-loop β-functions for top-Yukawa and the Higgs self-interaction in the Standard Model

Konstantin G. Chetyrkin and Max Zoller

TTP12-002: [Readme] [Source]

CRunDec: a C++ package for running and decoupling of the strong coupling and quark masses

Barbara Schmidt and Matthias Steinhauser

TTP11-31: [ GZfull_PLR5.pdf ] [Source]

Complete QCD Corrections to Hadronic Z-Decays in Order αs3

P. A. Baikov, K. G. Chetyrkin, J. H. Kühn, and J.Rittinger

TTP11-25: [ Readme ] [Source]

Low- and High-Energy Expansion of Heavy-Quark Correlators at Next-To-Next-To-Leading Order

A. Maier and P. Marquard

TTP11-21: [Readme] [Source]

Production of scalar and pseudo-scalar Higgs bosons to next-to-next-to-leading order at hadron colliders

Alexey Pak, Mikhail Rogal, Matthias Steinhauser

TTP11-16: [Readme] [Source]

Three-loop anomalous dimensions for squarks in supersymmetric QCD

T. Hermann, L. Mihaila, M. Steinhauser

TTP11-07: [Readme] [Source]

Simultaneous decoupling of bottom and charm quarks

Andrey G. Grozin, Maik Höschele, Jens Hoff and Matthias Steinhauser

TTP11-02: [Readme] [Source]

Moments of heavy-light current correlators up to three loops

J. Hoff, M. Steinhauser

TTP10-46: [Readme] [Source]

Towards a Two-Loop Matching of Gauge Couplings in Grand Unified Theories

by W. Martens

TTP10-42: [Readme] [Source]

Massless correlators of vector, scalar and tensor currents in position space at orders αs3 and αs4: explicit analytical results

by K.G. Chetyrkin and A. Maier

TTP10-23: [Readme] [Source]

Light Higgs boson mass to three-loop accuracy

by P. Kant, R.V. Harlander, L. Mihaila, M. Steinhauser

TTP10-18: [Readme] [Source]

Four Loop Massless Propagators: an Algebraic Evaluation of All Master Integrals

by P.A. Baikov and K.G. Chetyrkin

TTP09-41: [Readme] [Source]

Matching QCD and HQET heavy--light currents at three loops

by S. Bekavac, A.G. Grozin, P. Marquard, J.H. Piclum, D. Seidel, M. Steinhauser

TTP09-40: [Readme] [Source]

Wilson Expansion of QCD Propagators at Three Loops: Operators of Dimension Two and Three

by K.G. Chetyrkin and A. Maier

TTP09-20: [README] [Source]

Supersymmetric Corrections to the Threshold Production of Top Quark Pairs

by Y. Kiyo, M. Steinhauser, N. Zerf

TTP09-18: [Readme] [Source]

Low energy moments of heavy quark current correlators at four loops

by A. Maier, P. Maierhöfer, P. Marquard, A. Smirnov

TTP09-17: [Readme] [Source]

Reconstruction of heavy quark current correlators at O(αs3)

by Y. Kiyo, A. Maier, P. Maierhöfer, P. Marquard

TTP09-13: [readme.pdf] [Source]

The SUSY-QCD beta function to three loops

by Robert V. Harlander, Luminita Mihaila, Matthias Steinhauser

| |

TTP09-08: [Readme] [Source]

Three-loop on-shell Feynman integrals with two masses

by S. Bekavac, A. G. Grozin, D. Seidel, V. A. Smirnov

TTP08-43: [Readme] [Source]

O(ααs) corrections to the γtt vertex at the top quark threshold

by Yuichiro Kiyo, Dirk Seidel, Matthias Steinhauser

TTP08-25: [Source]

Matching coefficients for the strong coupling and the bottom quark mass to O(αs2) in SUSY-QCD

by A. Bauer, L. Mihaila, J. Salomon

TTP07-32: [Readme]

Higher Moments of Heavy Quark Correlators in the Low Energy Limit at O(αs2)

A. Maier, P. Maierhöfer, P. Marquard

TTP07-21: [Readme] [Source]

Light quark mass effects in the on-shell renormalization constants

S. Bekavac, A. Grozin, D. Seidel, M. Steinhauser

TTP06-30: [Readme] [Source]

Standard and epsilon-finite Master Integrals for the rho-Parameter

M. Faisst, P. Maierhöfer and C. Sturm

TTP06-25: [Readme] [Source]

Decoupling of heavy quarks in HQET

by A.G. Grozin, A.V. Smirnov, V.A. Smirnov

TTP06-02: [Readme] [Source]

ε-Finite Basis of Master Integrals for the Integration-By-Parts Method

by K.G. Chetyrkin, M. Faisst, C. Sturm and M. Tentioukov

TTP05-29: [Readme] [Source]

Strange Quark Mass from Pseudoscalar Sum Rule with O(αs4) Accuracy

by K.G. Chetyrkin and A. Khodjamirian

TTP05-06: [Readme] [Source]

Precise numerical evaluation of the two loop sunrise graph Master Integrals in the equal mass case

by S. Pozzorini and E. Remiddi

TTP04-19: [Readme] [Source]

Supersymmetric Higgs production in gluon fusion at next-to-leading order

by Robert V. Harlander and Matthias Steinhauser

TTP04-08: [Readme] [Source]

Four-loop renormalization of QCD: full set of renormalization constants and anomalous dimensions

by Konstantin G. Chetyrkin

TTP04-04: [Readme] [Source]

Pole- versus MS-mass definitions in the electroweak theory

by M. Faisst, J.H. Kuhn, and O. Veretin

TTP03-10: [Readme] [Source]

Three-loop anomalous dimension of the heavy-light quark current in HQET

by Konstantin G. Chetyrkin and Andrey G. Grozin

TTP03-08: [Readme] [Source]

Three Loop Top Quark Contributions to the rho Parameter

by M. Faisst, J. Kuhn, T. Seidensticker, and O. Veretin

TTP01-14: [Readme] [Source]

Heavy-light current correlators at order O(αs2) in QCD and HQET

by Konstantin G. Chetyrkin and Matthias Steinhauser

TTP00-25: [Readme] [Source]

Three-loop non-diagonal current correlators in QCD

by Konstantin G. Chetyrkin and Matthias Steinhauser

TTP00-09: [Readme] [Source]

Quartic mass corrections to Rhad at order O(αs3)

by Konstantin G. Chetyrkin, Robert V. Harlander and Johann H. Kühn

TTP00-05: [Readme] [Source]

RunDec: a Mathematica package for running and decoupling of the strong coupling and quark masses

by Konstantin G. Chetyrkin, Johann H. Kühn and Matthias Steinhauser

TTP00-01: [Readme] [Source]

Grinder: a REDUCE package for calculating 1-, 2-, and 3-loop propagator diagrams (with an arbitrary scalar numerator) in Heavy Quark Effective Theory (HQET)

by Andrey G. Grozin

TTP99-43: [Readme] [Source]

RI/RI' anomalous dimensions of quark mass and field and conversion factors from MSbar to RI/RI' schemes

by Konstantin G. Chetyrkin and Albert Rétey

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