This directory contains the following results to be published in
Nuclear Physics B as ASCII input files to be used by computer algebra
programs. The files *.raw contain the raw data as form folds, while
the *.frm and *.math are prepared to be used directly by the programs
FORM and Mathematica, respectively, and contain some more information
about names, conventions etc.

These results are available:

QPexpanded3l   : The bare and MSbar renormalized small mass expansion of 
		 the 3 loop Quark Propagator
RIConversion3l : Conversion factors for quark mass and field from the 
                 MSbar to the RI/RI' schemes
RenConst3l     : The relevant MSbar renormalization constants 
RenGroup4l     : Renormalization group coefficients of MSbar, RI RI' schemes
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