Institute for Theoretical Particle Physics (TTP)

The focus of our research at the Institute for Theoretical Particle Physics is the study of physics of elementary particles. Physics of elementary particles is successfully described by the Standard Model of Particle Physics that was proposed as the leading theory of Nature more than 40 years ago. The Standard Model is an extremely successful theory which describes a vast majority of phenomena that are observed in the Universe. Yet, theoretical shortcomings of the Standard Model suggest that this theory is incomplete and that additional, so far unknown, particles and interactions should exist. The research of the Institute contributes towards discovering the physics beyond the Standard Model through refined theoretical descriptions of Standard Model processes and through a development of specific models of New Physics.

Researches at the Institute provide theoretical support for studying Higgs boson physics at the LHC, explore the flavour structure of the Standard Model and beyond by studying properties of B and D mesons and develop new methods for performing high-precision computations in Quantum Field Theory.


23.10.2020 Ph.D. defence at TTP

We congratulate Florian Herren on the successful defence of his Ph.D. thesis “Precision Calculations for Higgs Boson Physics at the LHC”.

09.10.2020 New members at the Institute

We warmly welcome Marco Fedele and Chiara Signorile-Signorile at the TTP and wish them a pleasant and productive time in Karlsruhe.

08.10.2020 Annual CRC meeting

Members of the institute contributed to the annual meeting of the “SFB TRR 257”, both in person in Siegen and online.

22.09.2020 Postdoctoral positions at TTP

The institute invites applications for several postdoctoral positions in Theoretical Particle Physics (f/m/d) starting October 1, 2021 or earlier. Detailed information can be found on inspireHEP and here.

10.09.2020 Tenure-track-professorship (W1) at TTP

The Department of Physics at KIT, as part of the Physics and Mathematics Division, invites applications for a Tenure-track-professorship in theoretical particle physics (W1) at the Institute for Theoretical Particle Physics. Detailed information can be found on inspireHEP

24.07.2020 Ph.D. defence at TTP

The institute congratulates Konstantin Asteriads for the successful defence of his Ph.D. thesis “Application of the nested soft-collinear subtraction scheme to the description of deep inelastic scattering”.

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