Institute for Theoretical Particle Physics (TTP)

Bachelor and Master theses

If you would like to do your Bachelor or Master thesis at the TTP, please send an email to one of the professors or simply come by for a chat! Also, talk to the current students at the Institute about their experience. These first-hand accounts will give you a good idea of how your life will look like if you decide to join us. Check out examples of completed Bachelor and Master theses below.

Examples of completed Bachelor theses

  • Arthur Kähm: Bestimmung der starken Kopplungskonstanten $\alpha_s$ aus Messungen von $\sigma (e⁺e⁻ \rightarrow \textrm{Hadronen})$
    Januar 2018 (Referent: Matthias Steinhauser)
  • Marc Beutter: Skalare Zweischleifen-Schwellenintegrale mit zwei Massen
    März 2017 (Referent: Matthias Steinhauser)
  • Daniel Baranowski: Scattering amplitude for Higgs plus jet production in the high energy limit
    November 2016 (Referent: Kirill Melnikov)
  • Alexander Jesser: Zweischleifen-Vakuumintegrale mit mehreren Massen
    Juni 2015 (Referent: Matthias Steinhauser)
  • Thea Moosmayer: Berechnung von Feynman-Integralen mit Harmonischen Polylogarithmen
    Mai 2015 (Referent: Matthias Steinhauser)

Examples of completed Master theses

  • Matthias Linster: A Realistic $\textrm{U}(2)$ Model of Flavor
    April 2018 (Referent: U. Nierste)
  • Florian Herren: Three-loop beta functions in the Standard Model and beyond
    September 2017 (Referent: M. Steinhauser)
  • Konstantin Asteriadis: On the unitarity methods for two-loop scattering amplitudes
    Mai 2017 (Referent: K. Melnikov)
  • David Wellmann: Four-Loop Master Integrals of the $\overline{\textrm{MS}}\textrm{-OS}$ Quark Mass Relation to the order $\alpha_s^4$
    August 2016 (Referent: M. Steinhauser)
  • Julia Gehrlein: On the predictivity of leptonic sum rules
    August 2016 (Referent: U. Nierste)

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