Institute for Theoretical Particle Physics (TTP)

Research Group of Prof. Nierste

My major field of research is flavour physics, which studies transitions between quarks or leptons of different fermion generations. Such transitions are powerful probes of physics beyond the Standard Model (BSM), with a sensitivity to effects of new hypothetical particles with masses well above 100 TeV. To this end I improve predictions of Standard-Model contributions and calculate various observables in decays of hadrons containing a strange, charm, or bottom quark within certain BSM models. I am especially interested in models with enlarged symmetries, e.g. supersymmetric theories or theories with unified gauge forces. One line of research addresses the violation of charge-parity (CP) symmetry, another one explores possible types of interaction between Standard-Model particles and Dark Matter.

Members of the group
Name Room Tel. E-Mail
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Nierste 11/14608 - 46128
Dr. Lisong Chen 11/17 608 - 48360
Xiyuan Gao 11/04 608 - 47027
Tim Kretz 12/19 608 - 48364
Berkan Demir 11/04 608 - 47027
Philipp Goller 11/04 608 - 47027 philipp
Jonathan Witte 11/04 608 - 47027
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