Institute for Theoretical Particle Physics (TTP)


Name Room Phone E-Mail
Prof. Dr. Kirill Melnikov 11/06608 - 43883
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Nierste 11/14608 - 46128
Prof. Dr. Matthias Steinhauser11/11608 -
Emeriti, retired Professors
Name Room Phone E-Mail
Prof. Dr. Johann Kühn11/05608 - 43372
Prof. Dr. Hans-Martin Staudenmaier12/20608 - 43525
Name Room Phone E-Mail
Martina Schorn11/07608 - 43373
TRR257 SFB TRR257-Secretary
Name Room Phone E-Mail
Zahra Donyai11/09608 - 47022
Name Room Phone E-Mail
Barbara Lepold11/09608 - 48364
Theoretical Particle Physics at the IAP
Name Room Phone E-Mail
Dr. Jordan Bernigaud 11/18608 - 47023
Dr. Wojciech Bizon 12/02608 - 43376
Dr. Monika Blanke
11/10608 - 43375
Dr. Fabian Lange 11/13 608 - 48363
Long Term Guests
Name Room Phone E-Mail

Former members

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