The package "Grinder" (written in REDUCE) can calculate any 1-, 2-,
and 3-loop propagator diagrams (with an arbitrary scalar numerator)
in Heavy Quark Effective Theory (HQET) (given enough memory and time).

It is documented in

  A. G. Grozin,
  Calculating three-loop diagrams in heavy quark effective theory
  with integration-by-parts recurrence relations,
  JHEP 03 (2000) 013; Preprint TTP00-01, Karlsruhe (2000); hep-ph/0002266

Note that it uses "input_case nil;" thus making REDUCE case-sensitive.

The directory "tests" contains a comprehensive set of test programs.
Larger ones are unlikely to run within reasonable time and memory;
it is better to comment out all calls to testing procedures but one,
and run such tests separately.  Even in this case, some tests may not
run to the end in 100 Mbytes of memory.  It is then necessary either
to reduce some upper limits, or to split a testing procedure to
smaller ones for separate runs.
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