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The focus of our research at the Institute for Theoretical Particle Physics is the study of physics of elementary particles. Physics of elementary particles is successfully described by the Standard Model of Particle Physics that was proposed as the leading theory of Nature more than 40 years ago. The Standard Model is an extremely successful theory which describes a vast majority of phenomena that are observed in the Universe. Yet, theoretical shortcomings of the Standard Model suggest that this theory is incomplete and that additional, so far unknown, particles and interactions should exist. The research of the Institute contributes towards discovering the physics beyond the Standard Model through refined theoretical descriptions of Standard Model processes and through a development of specific models of New Physics.

Researches at the Institute provide theoretical support for studying Higgs boson physics at the LHC, explore the flavour structure of the Standard Model and beyond by studying properties of B and D mesons and develop new methods for performing high-precision computations in Quantum Field Theory.


26.06.2019 - Ph.D defence

TTP congratulates Jakob Schwichtenberg on the successful defense of his Ph.D. Thesis “The Strong CP Problem and Non-Supersymmetric Grand Unification”!

09.07.2019 - TTP seminar

After one week break we come back to the seminar series. Next talk will be given by Mustafa Tabet. He will talk about “A supersymmetric solution to the R_K(*) anomalies”

Time and place are as usual 10.07.19 at 11:30 in 10/1.

28.06.2019 - Ph.D defence

TTP congratulates Marco Bonetti on the successful defense of his Ph.D. Thesis “Next-to-leading order mixed QCD-electroweak corrections to Higgs boson production in gluon fusion”!

21.05.2019 - Ph.D defence

TTP congratulates Thomas Deppisch with the successful defense of his Ph.D. Thesis “Fermion Masses and Mixing in Minimal Supersymmetic SO(10) and Resummation of Gluino Contributions to the MSSM Higgs Potential”! You can find the slides from the defence by the link

02.04.2018 - DPG Spring Meeting 2019 in Aachen

From 25.03. to 29.03. numerous members of our institute attended to this years Spring Meeting of the German Physical Society (DPG) in Aachen. The meeting included talks, tutorials and fruitful discussions at the RWTH. Since Aachen is one of the collaborators of the CRC “P3H'', we were especially pleased to meet other scientists of the CRC to talk about current projects.

More about the meeting can be found here .



Our Institute was represented by: Kirill Melnikov with invited talk: “Progress in QCD calculations and applications to LHC physics”, Maximilian Delto with a talk “Integrating double-unresolved collinear emissions for NNLO computations”, Marvin Gerlach with a talk “Wilson coefficients for Higgs boson production to O(α_s^4)”, Florian Herren with a talk “Next-to-next-to-leading order real corrections to Higgs boson pair production in the large top mass limit”, Matthias Linster with a talk “A Realistic U(2) Model of Flavor”, Jacob Schwichtenberg with a talk “Gauge Coupling Unification without Supersymmetry” and David Wellmann with a talk ”Double Higgs boson production at NLO in the high-energy limit“.

25-28.03.2019 - Visit by Dr. Roman Lee

Roman Lee from the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics in Novosibirsk visits the TTP and provides a lecture about ”Libra: a program to reduce differential equations for master integrals“. Libra is a program package which can be used to transform a system of differential equation into canonical form.

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