TTP research activities

The main research topics undertaken at TTP concern elementary particle physics. In particular, our research activities are focussed on:

  • Application of the Standard Model for elementary particle physics to high-energy processes
    • Electroweak corrections at high energies - Sudakov logarithms
    • Precision calculations of the strong coupling constant and quark masses
    • Precision tests of the elctroweak interaction
    • Top quark production at high-energy colliders

  • The physics of tau leptons; exclusive semileptonic decays

  • Electron-positron annihilation; "Radiative Return" and MonteCarlo generators

  • Nonrelativistic Quantum Chromodynamics; Application to quarkonia and top-quark production

  • Higgs boson physics at high-energy colliders

  • SUSY radiative corrections

  • Automating of multi-loop calcucations; Development of ParForm

  • B-Physics

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