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TTP17-058 TOP 2017: Theoretical Summary
Kirill Melnikov
PDF arXiv
TTP17-057-MultivariateResidues – a Mathematica package for computing multivariate residues
Kasper J. Larsen and Robbert Rietkerk
PoS RADCOR2017 (2017) 021
PDF arXiv
TTP17-056 NNLO QCD corrections to associated $WH$ production and $H \to b \bar{b}$ decay
Fabrizio Caola, Gionata Luisoni, Kirill Melnikov, Raoul Roentsch
Phys.Rev. D97 (2018) no.7, 074022
PDF arXiv
TTP17-055-Two-loop amplitudes for processes gg → Hg, qg → Hq and qq̄ → Hg at large Higgs transverse momentum
Kirill Kudashkin, Kirill Melnikov, Christopher Wever
A&A 601, A65 (2017)
PDF arXiv
TTP17-054 Towards next-to-next-to-leading-log accuracy for the width difference in the $B_s$–$\bar B_s$ system: fermionic contributions to order $(m_c/m_b)^0$ and $(m_c/m_b)^1$
H.M. Asatrian, Artyom Hovhannisyan, Ulrich Nierste, Arsen Yeghiazaryan
JHEP 1710 (2017) 191
PDF arXiv
TTP-053-New Physics Opportunities for Long-Lived Particles at Electron-Proton Colliders
David Curtin, Kaustubh Deshpande, Oliver Fischer, Jose Zurita
JHEP 1807 (2018) 024
PDF arXiv
TTP17-052-The Five-Loop Beta-Function of QCD
J. H. Kühn
Presented at: Matter To The Deepest, 13th International Symposium on Radiative Corrections, 25-29 September, 2017, St. Gilden, Austria
TTP17-051-Texture zeros and hierarchical masses from flavour (mis)alignment
Wolfgang G. Hollik, Ulises J. Saldana-Salazar
Nucl.Phys. B928 (2018) 535-554
PDF arXiv
TTP17-050 Gluino-mediated electroweak penguin with flavor-violating trilinear couplings
Motoi Endo, Toru Goto, Teppei Kitahara, Satoshi Mishima, Daiki Ueda, Kei Yamamoto
JHEP 1804 (2018) 019
PDF arXiv
TTP17-049 Flavoured Dark Matter Moving Left
Monika Blanke, Satrajit Das, Simon Kast
JHEP 1802 (2018) 105
PDF arXiv
TTP17-048 Probing SUSY effects in $K^0_S \to \mu^{+} \mu^{-}$
Veronika Chobanova, Giancarlo D'Ambrosio, Teppei Kitahara, Miriam Lucio Martinez, Diego Martinez Santos, Isabel Suarez Fernandez, Kei Yamamoto
JHEP 1805 (2018) 024
PDF arXiv
TTP17-047-Three-loop mixed QCD-electroweak corrections to Higgs gluon fusion
Marco Bonetti, Kirill Melnikov, Lorenzo Tancredi
Phys.Rev. D97 (2018) no.3, 034004
PDF arXiv Data
TTP17-046-Gauge and Yukawa coupling beta functions of two-Higgs-doublet models to three-loop order
Florian Herren, Luminita Mihaila, Matthias Steinhauser
Phys.Rev. D97 (2018) no.1, 015016
PDF arXiv Data
TTP17-045 Absence of $\pi^2$ terms in physical anomalous dimensions in DIS: verification and resulting predictions
J. Davies, A. Vogt
Phys.Lett. B776 (2018) 189-194
PDF arXiv
TTP17-044-A non-minimal 331 model for Lepton Flavour Universality Violation in b → sll decays
S. Descotes-Genon, M. Moscati, G. Ricciardi
Phys.Rev. D98 (2018) no.11, 115030
PDF arXiv
TTP17-043-Massless four-loop form factors
M. Steinhauser
Presented at: Matter To The Deepest, XLI International Conference of Theoretical Physics, 3.Sep 2017 - 8. Sep 2017, Podlesice, Poland
TTP17-042-Higgs Decay, Z Decay and the QCD Beta-Function
P. A. Baikov, K. G. Chetyrkin, J. H. Kühn
Acta Phys.Polon. B48 (2017) 2135
Presented at: Matter To The Deepest, XLI International Conference of Theoretical Physics, 3.Sep 2017 - 8. Sep 2017, Podlesice, Poland
PDF arXiv
TTP17-041-Direct, Resonant Production of States with Positive Charge Conjugation in Electron-Positron Annihilation
H. Czyz, J. H. Kühn, S. Tracz
Presented at: PhiPsi 2017
TTP17-040-Rare radiative charm decays in the standard model and beyond
Stefan de Boer
PoS EPS-HEP2017 (2017) 209
PDF arXiv
TTP17-039 Addendum to “Charm and bottom quark masses: An update”
Konstantin G. Chetyrkin, Johann H. Kuhn, Andreas Maier, Philipp Maierhofer, Peter Marquard, Matthias Steinhauser, Christian Sturm
Phys.Rev. D96 (2017) no.11, 116007
PDF arXiv
TTP17-038 An Elliptic Generalization of Multiple Polylogarithms
Ettore Remiddi, Lorenzo Tancredi
Nucl.Phys. B925 (2017) 212-251
PDF arXiv
TTP17-037 High-Energy Limit of QCD beyond Sudakov Approximation
Tao Liu, Alexander A. Penin
Phys.Rev.Lett. 119 (2017) no.26, 262001
PDF arXiv
TTP17-036 The Large-nf Limit of the Four-Loop Splitting Functions in QCD
Joshua Davies
PoS DIS2017 (2018) 215
PDF arXiv
TTP17-035 (g−2)μ at four loops in QED
Peter Marquard, Alexander V. Smirnov, Vladimir A. Smirnov, Matthias Steinhauser, David Wellmann
EPJ Web Conf. 218 (2019) 01004
PDF arXiv
TTP17-034 Quo vadis flavour physics? - FPCP2017 theory summary and outlook
Monika Blanke
PoS FPCP2017 (2017) 042
PDF arXiv
TTP17-033 Neutral D→KK∗ decays as discovery channels for charm CP violation
Ulrich Nierste, Stefan Schacht
Phys.Rev.Lett. 119 (2017) no.25, 251801
PDF arXiv
TTP17-032 Di-Higgs production at the LHC and beyond
Jose Zurita
PDF arXiv
TTP17-031 Direct CP Violation in K→μ+μ−
Giancarlo D'Ambrosio, Teppei Kitahara
Phys.Rev.Lett. 119 (2017) no.20, 201802
PDF arXiv
TTP17-030 $\epsilon_K^\prime/\epsilon_K$: Standard Model and Supersymmetry
Ulrich Nierste
PDF arXiv
TTP17-029 Theoretical implications of recent heavy flavour measurements at the LHC
M. Blanke
PDF arXiv
TTP17-028 Hadronic Higgs boson decay at order $\alpha_s^4$ and $\alpha_s^5$
Joshua Davies, Matthias Steinhauser, David Wellmann
PoS DIS2017 (2018) 295
PDF arXiv Data
TTP17-027 Three-loop quark form factor at high energy: the leading mass corrections
T. Liu, A. Penin, N. Zerf
Phys.Lett. B771 (2017) 492-496
PDF arXiv
TTP17-026 Analytic results from 'The $n_f^2$ contributions to fermionic four-loop form factors
Roman N. Lee, Alexander V. Smirnov, Vladimir A. Smirnov and Matthias Steinhauser
Phys.Rev. D96 (2017) no.1, 014008
PDF arXiv Data
TTP17-025 Correlations of $\epsilon^{\prime}_K/\epsilon_K$ with $K \to \pi \nu \overline{\nu}$ in Models of New Physics
Teppei Kitahara
PDF arXiv
TTP17-024-Next-to-leading order corrections to VV production through gluon fusion
Raoul Roentsch
TTP17-023-High energy behaviour of form factors
Taushif Ahmed, Johannes M. Henn, Matthias Steinhauser
JHEP 1706 (2017) 125
PDF arXiv Data
TTP17-022 Heavy quark form factors in the large β0 limit
A. G. Grozin
Eur.Phys.J. C77 (2017) no.7, 453
PDF arXiv
TTP17-021 Maximal cuts and differential equations for Feynman integrals. An application to the three-loop massive banana graph
Amedeo Primo, Lorenzo Tancredi
Nucl.Phys. B921 (2017) 316-356
PDF arXiv
TTP17-020 Penguin pollution in β and βs
Ulrich Nierste
PoS CKM2016 (2017) 081
PDF arXiv
TTP17-019-CP asymmetries in $D$ decays to two pseudoscalars
Ulrich Nierste and Stefan Schacht
PoS ICHEP2016 (2016) 527, PoS CKM2016 (2017) 134
PDF arXiv
TTP17-018 Dark Matter in E6 Grand Unification
Jakob Schwichtenberg
JHEP 1802 (2018) 016
PDF arXiv
TTP17-017 Introduction to Flavour Physics and CP Violation
Monika Blanke
CERN Yellow Rep.School Proc. 1705 (2017) 71-100
PDF arXiv
TTP17-016 Four-loop renormalization of QCD with a reducible fermion representation of the gauge group: anomalous dimensions and renormalization constants
K. G. Chetyrkin, M. F. Zoller
JHEP 1706 (2017) 074
PDF arXiv
TTP17-015 Combinatorics of R-, R−1-, and R∗-operations and asymptotic expansions of feynman integrals in the limit of large momenta and masses
K.G. Chetyrkin
PDF arXiv
TTP17-014 Five-loop fermion anomalous dimension for a general gauge group from four-loop massless propagators
P. A. Baikov, K. G. Chetyrkin, J. H. Kühn
JHEP 1704 (2017) 119
PDF arXiv
TTP17-013 K→πνν¯¯¯ in the MSSM in the Light of the ε′K/εK Anomaly
Andreas Crivellin, Giancarlo D'Ambrosio, Teppei Kitahara, Ulrich Nierste
Phys.Rev. D96 (2017) no.1, 015023
PDF arXiv
TTP17-012 Top-bottom interference effects in Higgs plus jet production at the LHC
Jonas M. Lindert, Kirill Melnikov, Lorenzo Tancredi, Chris Wever
Phys.Rev.Lett. 118 (2017) no.25, 252002
PDF arXiv
TTP17-011-Version 3 of RunDec and CRunDec
Florian Herren , Matthias Steinhauser
PDF arXiv Data
TTP17-010-Completing the hadronic Higgs boson decay at order $\alpha_s^4$
Joshua Davies, Matthias Steinhauser, David Wellmann
Nucl.Phys. B920 (2017) 20-31
PDF arXiv Data
TTP17-009 Physics Behind Precision
P. Azzi, P. Azzurri, S. Biswas, F. Blekman, G. Corcella, S. De Curtis, J. Erler, N. Foppiani, I. Helenius, S. Jadach, P. Janot, F. Jegerlehner, P. Langacker, E. Locci, F. Margaroli, B. Mele, F. Piccinini, J. Reuter, M. Steinhauser, R. Tenchini, M. Vos, C. Zhang
PDF arXiv
TTP17-008 Top-Flavoured Dark Matter in Dark Minimal Flavour Violation
Monika Blanke, Simon Kast
JHEP 1705 (2017) 162
PDF arXiv
TTP17-007 NNLO QCD counterterm contributions to B → X_s gamma for the physical value of m_c
Mikolaj Misiak, Abdur Rehman, Matthias Steinhauser
Phys.Lett. B770 (2017) 431-439
PDF arXiv
TTP17-006 Simplified Phenomenology for Colored Dark Sectors
Sonia El Hedri, Anna Kaminska, Maikel de Vries, Jose Zurita
JHEP 1704 (2017) 118
PDF arXiv
TTP17-005 Closing the window for compressed Dark Sectors with disappearing charged tracks
Rakhi Mahbubani, Pedro Schwaller, Jose Zurita
JHEP 1706 (2017) 119
PDF arXiv
TTP17-004 Weak Radiative Decays of the B Meson and Bounds on MH± in the Two-Higgs-Doublet Model
Mikolaj Misiak, Matthias Steinhauser
Eur.Phys.J. C77 (2017) no.3, 201
PDF arXiv
TTP17-003 Nested soft-collinear subtractions in NNLO QCD computations
Fabrizio Caola, Kirill Melnikov, Raoul Röntsch
Eur.Phys.J. C77 (2017) no.4, 248
PDF arXiv
TTP17-002-Two-loop amplitudes for $q g \to H q$ and $q \bar{q} \to H g$ mediated by a nearly massless quark
Kirill Melnikov, Lorenzo Tancredi and Christopher Wever
Phys.Rev. D95 (2017) no.5, 054012
PDF arXiv
TTP17-001 A non-planar two-loop three-point function beyond multiple polylogarithms
Andreas von Manteuffel and Lorenzo Tancredi
JHEP 1706 (2017) 127
PDF arXiv
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