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 +====== Welcome to the  Institute for Theoretical Particle Physics (TTP) ======
 +The  focus of our research at  the Institute for Theoretical Particle Physics is the study of physics of elementary particles. ​  ​Physics of elementary ​
 +particles is successfully described by the Standard Model of Particle Physics that was proposed as the leading theory of Nature more than 40 years 
 +ago. The Standard Model is an extremely successful theory which describes a vast majority of phenomena that are observed in the Universe. Yet, 
 +theoretical shortcomings of the Standard Model suggest that this theory is incomplete and that additional, so far unknown, particles and interactions ​
 +should exist. ​ The research of the Institute contributes towards discovering the  physics beyond the Standard Model through refined theoretical ​
 +descriptions of Standard Model processes and through a development of specific models of New Physics. ​
 +Researches at the Institute provide theoretical support for studying Higgs boson physics at the LHC,  explore the flavour structure of the 
 +Standard Model and beyond by studying ​ properties of B and D mesons and  develop new methods for performing high-precision computations ​
 +in Quantum Field Theory. ​  
 +====== Newsticker ======