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 +====== TTP11-26 Charge asymmetries of top quarks at hadron colliders revisited ====== 
 +   <​hidden TTP11-26 ​ Charge asymmetries of top quarks at hadron colliders revisited > A sizeable difference in the differential production cross section of top- compared to antitop-quark production, denoted charge asymmetry, has been observed at the Tevatron. The experimental results seem to exceed the theory predictions based on the Standard Model by a significant amount and have triggered a large number of suggestions for "new physics"​. In the present paper the Standard Model predictions for Tevatron and LHC experiments are revisited. This includes a reanalysis of electromagnetic as well as weak corrections,​ leading to a shift of the asymmetry by roughly a factor 1.1 when compared to the results of the first papers on this subject. The impact of cuts on the transverse momentum of the top-antitop system is studied. Restricting the ttbar system to a transverse momentum less than 20 GeV leads to an enhancement of the asymmetries by factors between 1.3 and 1.5, indicating the importance of an improved understanding of the $t\bar t$-momentum distribution. Predictions for similar measurements at the LHC are presented, demonstrating the sensitivity of the large rapidity region both to the Standard Model contribution and effects from "new physics"​. ​ </​hidden>​ 
 +|**Johann H. K&​uuml;​hn,​ German Rodrigo **  |  
 +|** JHEP 1201 063 2012  **  | 
 +| {{preprints:​2011:​ttp11-26.pdf|PDF}} {{preprints:​2011:​ttp11-26.ps|PostScript}} [[http://​arxiv.org/​abs/​1109.6830|arXiv]] ​  | 
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