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 +====== TTP09-38 Lepton flavour violation in the MSSM ====== 
 +<hidden TTP09-38  Lepton flavour violation in the MSSM > We derive new constraints on the quantities delta_{XY}^{ij, X,Y=L,R, 
 + which parametrise the flavour-off-diagonal terms of the charged slepton 
 + mass matrix in the MSSM. Considering mass and anomalous magnetic moment 
 + of the electron we obtain the bound delta^{13}_{LL}*delta^{13}_{RR} < 
 + 0.1, which involves the poorly constrained element delta^{13}_{RR}. We 
 + improve the predictions for the decays tau -> mu gamma, tau -> e gamma 
 + and mu -> e gamma by including two-loop corrections which are enhanced 
 + if tan beta is large. The finite renormalisation of the PMNS matrix from 
 + soft SUSY-breaking terms is derived and applied to the 
 + charged-Higgs-lepton vertex. We find that the experimental bound on 
 + BR(tau -> e gamma) severely limits the size of the MSSM loop correction 
 + to the PMNS element U_{e3}, which is important for the proper 
 + interpretation of a future U_{e3} measurement. Subsequently we confront 
 + our new values for delta^{ij}_{LL} with a GUT analysis. As a novel 
 + feature we consider dimension-5 Yukawa terms, which are needed to fix 
 + the Yukawa unification of the first two generations. If universal 
 + supersymmetry breaking occurs above the GUT scale, we find the flavour 
 + structure of the dimension-5 Yukawa couplings tightly constrained by mu 
 + -> e gamma. 
 + </hidden> 
 +|**Jennifer Girrbach, Susanne Mertens, Ulrich Nierste, S&ouml;oren Wiesenfeldt**  |  
 +| {{preprints:2009:ttp09-38.pdf|PDF}} {{|PostScript}}   | 
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