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 +====== TTP09-13 The SUSY-QCD beta-function to three loops ====== 
 +      <hidden TTP09-13 ​ The SUSY-QCD beta-function to three loops > A number of $\drbar$ renormalization constants in softly broken 
 + ​\susy{}-\qcd{} are evaluated to three-loop level: the wave function 
 + ​renormalization constants for quarks, squarks, gluons, gluinos, ghosts, 
 + and \epscalar{}s,​ and the renormalization constants for the quark and 
 +   ​gluino mass as well as for all cubic vertices. The latter allow us to 
 + ​derive the corresponding $\beta$ functions through three loops, all of 
 + which we find to be identical to the expression for the gauge $\beta$ 
 + ​function obtained by Jack, Jones, and North~\cite{Jack:​1996vg} (see also 
 + ​Ref.\,​\cite{Pickering:​2001aq}). This explicitely demonstrates the 
 + ​consistency of \dred{} with \susy{} and gauge invariance, an important 
 + ​pre-requisite for precision calculations in supersymmetric theories. 
 + </​hidden>​ 
 +|**Robert Harlander, Luminita Mihaila, Matthias Steinhauser** ​ |  
 +|**  Eur.Phys.J. ​ C63 383-390 2009  **  | 
 +| {{preprints:​2009:​ttp09-13.pdf|PDF}} {{preprints:​2009:​ttp09-13.ps|PostScript}} [[http://​arxiv.org/​abs/​0905.4807|arXiv]] [[http://​ttp.kit.edu/​Progdata/​ttp09/​ttp09-13|Programs and Data]] ​  | 
 +| |