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 +====== TTP09-07 Three Lectures on Meson Mixing and CKM phenomenology ====== 
 +   <hidden TTP09-07  Three Lectures on Meson Mixing and CKM phenomenology > I give an introduction to the theory of meson-antimeson mixing, aiming at 
 + students who plan to work at a flavour physics experiment or intend to 
 + do associated theoretical studies. I derive the formulae for the time 
 + evolution of a neutral meson system and show how the mass and width 
 + differences among the neutral meson eigenstates and the CP phase in mixing 
 + are calculated in the 
 + Standard Model. Special emphasis is laid on CP violation, which is 
 + covered in detail for \kkm, \bbmd\ and \bbms. I explain the constraints 
 + on the apex $(\ov \rho,\ov \eta)$ of the unitarity triangle implied by 
 + $\e_K$, $\dm_{B_d}$, $\dm_{B_d}/\dm_{B_s}$ and various mixing-induced 
 + CP asymmetries such as $a_{\rm CP} (\ov B_d \to J/\psi K_{\rm 
 +   short})(t)$. 
 + The impact of a future measurement of CP violation in flavour-specific 
 + $B_d$ decays is also shown. 
 + </hidden> 
 +|**Ulrich Nierste**  |  
 +|**     Lectures given at Helmholz International Summer School on Heavy Quark Physics, Dubna, Moscow Region, Russia, 11-21 Aug 2008. 
 +Published in *Dubna 2008, Heavy quark physics (HQP08)* 1-38  **  | 
 +| {{preprints:2009:ttp09-07.pdf|PDF}} {{|PostScript}} [[|arXiv]]   | 
 +| |