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 +====== TTP08-23 Evaluating the three-loop static quark potential ====== 
 +   <hidden TTP08-23  Evaluating the three-loop static quark potential > This is a status report of the evaluation of the three-loop corrections to the static QCD potential of a heavy quark and an antiquark. The families of Feynman integrals that appear in the evaluation are described. To reduce any integral of the families to master integrals we solve integration-by-parts relations by the algorithm called FIRE. To evaluate the corresponding master integrals we apply the Mellin-Barnes technique. First results are presented: the coefficients of n_l^3 and n_l^2, where n_l is the number of light quarks. 
 + </hidden> 
 +|**Alexander V. Smirnov, Vladimir A. Smirnov, Matthias Steinhauser**  |  
 +|**  Nucl.Phys  Proc.Suppl.183 308-312 2008  **  | 
 +| {{preprints:2008:ttp08-23.pdf|PDF}} {{|PostScript}} [[|arXiv]]   | 
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