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 +====== TTP04-03 Top quark pair production and decay at hadron colliders ====== 
 +   <​hidden TTP04-03 ​ Top quark pair production and decay at hadron colliders > In ongoing and upcoming hadron collider experiments,​ top quark physics 
 + will play an important r\^ole in testing the Standard Model and its 
 + ​possible extensions.  
 + In this work we present analytic results for the differential 
 + cross sections of top quark pair production 
 + in hadronic collisions at next-to-leading order 
 + in the QCD coupling, keeping the full dependence on the spins of the top 
 + ​quarks. 
 + These results are combined with the corresponding next-to-leading 
 + order results for the  
 + decay of polarized top quarks into dilepton, lepton plus jets, and 
 + all jets final states.  
 + As an application we predict double differential angular 
 + ​distributions which are due to the QCD-induced top quark spin 
 + ​correlations in the intermediate state. In addition to the analytic 
 + ​results,​ we give numerical  
 + ​results in terms of fit functions that can easily be  
 + ​used ​ in an experimental analysis. 
 + </​hidden>​ 
 +|**W. Bernreuther,​ A. Brandenburg,​ Z. G. Si, and P. Uwer** ​ |  
 +| {{preprints:​2004:​ttp04-03.pdf|PDF}} {{preprints:​2004:​ttp04-03.ps|PostScript}} [[http://​arxiv.org/​abs/​hep-ph/​0403035|arXiv]] ​  | 
 +| |