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 +====== TTP02-18 Three aspects of tau decays ====== 
 +<hidden TTP02-18  Three aspects of tau decays > Three topics of relevance for $\tau$-decays will be presented:  
 + i) the possibility to search for CP violation in the Cabbibo suppressed channels 
 + $\tau \to \nu K \pi   \mbox{and}   \nu K \pi \pi$,   
 + ii) recent partial results on the semileptonic decay rate in $\as^4$ accuracy,   
 + and iii) the possibility to determine the strange quark mass in inclusive 
 + Cabbibo suppressed decays. 
 + </hidden> 
 +|**P.A. Baikov, K.G. Chetyrkin and J.H. K\"uhn**  |  
 +|**      Proceedings of the Workshop on Heavy Quarks and Leptons, Vietri sul Mare, Italy, May 2002, FRASCATI PHYSICS SERIES, Vol. XXVIII, 453-468 **  | 
 +| {{preprints:2002:ttp02-18.pdf|PDF}} {{|PostScript}}   | 
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