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 +====== TTP02-12 On the hierarchy of neutrino masses ====== 
 +   <hidden TTP02-12  On the hierarchy of neutrino masses >   We present a model of neutrino masses combining the seesaw mechanism and 
 + strong Dirac mass hierarchy and at the same time exhibiting a significantly 
 + reduced hierarchy at the level of active neutrino masses. The heavy Majorana 
 + masses are assumed to be degenerate. The suppression of the hierarchy is due to 
 + a symmetric and unitary operator R whose role is discussed. The model gives 
 + realistic mixing and mass spectrum. The mixing of atmospheric neutrinos is 
 + attributed to the charged lepton sector whereas the mixing of solar neutrinos 
 + is due to the neutrino sector. Small U_e3 is a consequence of the model. The 
 + masses of the active neutrinos are given by $\mu_3\approx\sqrt{\Delta m_{@}^2}$ 
 + and $\mu_1/\mu_2\approx \tan^2\theta_\odot$. 
 + </hidden> 
 +|**M. Jezabek and P. Urban**  |  
 +|**  Acta Phys.Polon.  B33 2571-2584 2002  **  | 
 +| {{preprints:2002:ttp02-12.pdf|PDF}} {{|PostScript}} [[|arXiv]]   | 
 +| |