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 +====== TTP95-16 Testing CP Properties of Higgs Bosons ====== 
 +   <hidden TTP95-16  Testing CP Properties of Higgs Bosons > Possibilites for measuring the $J^{PC}$ quantum  
 + numbers of the Higgs particle through its interactions with  
 + gauge bosons and with fermions are discussed.   
 + Observables which indicate CP violation in these couplings 
 + are also identified. 
 + </hidden> 
 +|**M. L. Stong**  |  
 +|**     Proceedings of the Workshop "Perspectives for Electroweak Interactions in e+e- Collisions",  B. A. Kniehl, ed., World Scientific 1995, pp. 317-328 **  | 
 +| {{preprints:1995:ttp95-16.pdf|PDF}} {{|PostScript}} [[|arXiv]]   | 
 +| |