Institute for Theoretical Particle Physics (TTP)

The focus of our research at the Institute for Theoretical Particle Physics (TTP) is the study of physics of elementary particles. Physics of elementary particles is successfully described by the Standard Model of Particle Physics that was proposed as the leading theory of Nature more than 40 years ago. The Standard Model is an extremely successful theory which describes a vast majority of phenomena that are observed in the Universe. Yet, theoretical shortcomings of the Standard Model suggest that this theory is incomplete and that additional, so far unknown, particles and interactions should exist. The research of the Institute contributes towards discovering the physics beyond the Standard Model through refined theoretical descriptions of Standard Model processes and through a development of specific models of New Physics.

Researches at the Institute provide theoretical support for studying Higgs boson physics at the LHC, explore the flavour structure of the Standard Model and beyond by studying properties of B and D mesons and develop new methods for performing high-precision computations in Quantum Field Theory.

If you are interested in theoretical particle physics, we always welcome students to work on their Bachelor's or Master's thesis at TTP. In order to learn more, you can visit the 11th floor and talk to us or contact us via e-mail. You can find more information, including a list of completed Bachelor and Master theses, here.


04.12.2023 Institute's seminar

Our next TTP seminar's (Wednesday, 06.12, 13h30) speaker will be Marco Vitti, who will give a talk titled “On $\gamma_5$ schemes and the interplay of SMEFT operators in the Higgs-gluon coupling”. The seminar will take place in room 10/01.

30.11.2023 Higgs 2023

Our TTP member Ming-Ming Long presented today recent results on “Non-factorizable corrections to Higgs production in Vector Boson Fusion” at the Higgs 2023 Conference in Beijing.

27.11.2023 Institute's seminar

Our next TTP seminar (Wednesday, 29.11, 13h30) will be given by Alessandro Morandini, who will give a talk about “ALPs at beam-dump experiments and the role of machine learning”. The seminar will take place in room 10/01.

24.11.2023 Ph.D. defence at TTP

We congratulate Martin Lang on today's successful defence of his Ph.D. thesis “Leptonic Decays of Neutral B Mesons in the Three-Spurion Two-Higgs-Doublet Model”!

20.11.2023 Institute's seminar

The TTP seminar of this week (Wednesday, 22.11, 13h30) will be given by Sergei Makarov, who will talk about “Linear power corrections to hadron collider processes with top-quarks”. The seminar will take place in room 10/01.

15.11.2023 Special seminar

Next week (Tuesday, 21.11, 15h45), we will have a seminar by Bakar Chargeishvili (Hamburg University) who will talk about “Automatic Computation of the Soft Anomalous Dimension Matrices for the Heavy-Quark Hadroproduction”. The seminar will take place in Room 10/01.

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