Update 22.10.2014: FIRE5.1 released (a c++ version, now also for Mac OS X)

Update 24.02.2013: new version of FIRE released. This code can now take advantage of rules created by the LiteRED package by Lee. FIRE4 is still a Mathematica version of FIRE, the c++ version is currently available for collaborators and will be released in future. For details see arXiv:1302.5885.

FIRE stands for Feynman Integral REduction.

FIRE is an algorithm performing reduction of Feynman integrals to master integrals (the first public algorithm performing the same task by C. Anastasiou and A. Lazopoulos was called AIR - Automatic Integral Reduction).

FIRE is based on a number of strategies, such as applying the Laporta algorithm, the s-bases algorithm, region-bases and integrating explicitly by subdiagrams.

FIRE is distributed under the terms of GNU GPLv2.

FIRE originated from the s-bases approach to the reduction of Feynman integrals (see the references here).

The paper on FIRE is available at arXiv:0807.3243 or JHEP.

FIRE can store the data in a database on hard disk via the QLink program.

It is also recommended to use the the Fermat program via the FLink interface to speedup the calculation.

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