FIRE 5 - C++ version distributed via GIT

FIRE 4 - for details see arXiv:1302.5885.

SBases 3.5.0

    - (the big gap in version numbers is just to catch up with the versions of FIRE)

    - Bug fix in s-bases construction (determination whether to stop)

    - Speed and stability of BuildAll improved a lot

SBases 3.1.0

    - Automatic detection of restrictions (Prepare[AutoDetectRestrictions->True]) according to ideas of R. Lee. It is guaranteed that no non-trivial sector is marked as a trivial one, however some trivial sectors might be left unmarked, for example in cases where the square of an external momentum is equal to zero.

FIRE 3.5.0

    - New improved ordering used in the code

    - Bug fix: region bases could work incorectly in some rare cases

    - Possibility to define priority master integrals with MakeMaster[pair,priority]

FIRE 3.4.0

    - Bug fix: sometimes Laporta could start working in predefined regions

    - Bug fix: sometimes irreducible integrals could be remasked slowing FIRE down

    - Bug fix: regularized lines did not work as supposed

    - Bug fix: table were loaded too slowly

    - Bug fix: extra irreducible integrals could appear in special cases

    - tested for compatibility with Mathematica 7 (however, parallelization is not used)

    - the package contains the new QLink binaries for Windows


FIRE 3.3.0

    - WARNING: database file format has been changed. Do not use old data files. The sbases, start and table files are of the same form;

    - New feature: MemoryLimit (measured in megabytes, default value: Infinity). If the code reaches the memory limit it automatically increases database usage (if it is less than 4). So you may start with DatabaseUsage=0 and set a proper memory limit. Please keep in mind that it is only the memory used by the mathematica kernel that is limited. The QLink uses 8*(2^Bucket size)*5 bytes of memory at DatabaseUsage 4 resulting in 80MB at the default option 21 for Bucket size. The FLink uses a small fixed amount of memory. Anyway, it is better to set a memory limit smaller than the amount of RAM - FIRE works much faster if it is not swapping even if the database is used heavily;

    - Bug fix: 3.2.0 froze forever in some rare situations;

    - Bug fix: 3.2.0 produces tables that could not be loaded afterwards in some rare situations;

    - Bug fix: all previous versions could not work with more than 14 indices;

    - Output corrected to list the actual number of integrals involved in the end of the evaluation;

    - The speed of 3.3.0 is slightly lower than 3.2.0 but still much much higher than 3.1.0


FIRE 3.2.0:

    - option DatabaseUsage can be set to 4 now

    - internal code optimization

    - option BucketSize added (only with the new QLink and DatabaseUsage>0; see the syntax part for details)

    A benchmark has been performed on a 3-loop task (12 indices)

  FIRE_3.1.0 with DatabaseUsage=0 FIRE_3.1.1 with DatabaseUsage=0 FIRE_3.1.1 with DatabaseUsage=4
Total time (seconds): 28437 17448 53368
Memory (mb): 1389 1060 206
Integrals to substitute: 2401486 1707285 1707285
Total integrals involved: 4443179 3878659 3878659
Imaginary integrals: 1448170 1571053 1571053


FIRE 3.1.0:

    - option DirectIBP again removed as obsolete

    - LeeIdeas option completely revisited; provides a real speedup compared with LeeIdeas and DirectIBP of older versions

    - new approach to seeding points for IBP generation; results in less IBPs involved

    - more comprehensive output

    - more information printed when starting EvaluateAndSave

    - less RAM used (small memory leak eliminated)

Warning: you should not use DATA files produced by old versions of FIRE with the new one and vice versa. Other files not affected (sbases, start, tables).

FIRE 3.0.1: option DirectIBP added

FIRE & SBases: 3.0.0 is the first public version, released 22.08.2008

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