There are different versions of FIRE available.

Version 5.0 and higher (RECOMMENDED!): distributed via GIT


There are some older versions of FIRE here.

FIRE4.tar.gz. FIRE_4.0.0.m file contains everything needed from SBases and IBP inside. The package also contains FLink64 and Klink64 binaries. If they do not work on you machine, you can download their sources from this webpage and compile them yourself. Also the package contains a sample notebook file. For details see arXiv:1302.5885.

FIRE - version 3.5.0

SBases_3.1.0.m - autodetection of restrictions

Package : FIRE_3.4.0.m, SBases_3.0.0.m, IBP.m, QLink binaries for Linux 32 and 64 (TokyoCabinet) and Windows32  (TCPort) and FLink binaries (Linux 32 and 64bit ).

FIRE - version 3.4.0

FIRE - version 3.3.0

FIRE - version 3.2.0

FIRE - version 3.1.0

FIRE - version 3.0.1

SBases - version 3.0.0

Starting package : FIRE_3.0.0.m, SBases_3.0.0.m, IBP.m and QLink (old version) and FLink binaries (Windows and Linux 32bit binaries).

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