UPDATE 28.03.2009: the Linux version recompiled with Mathlink from Mathematica 7

UPDATE 06.03.2009: the new version of QLink ported to Windows!

QLink is a small but useful tool for people working with Wolfram Mathematica.

Wolfram Mathematica, being a powerful computer algebra system is widely used among researchers nowadays. However, a significant drawback of the usage of Mathematica is the lack of operative memory that is often ecountered.

QLink is a solution for this problem allowing to use the or TokyoCabinet database (on Unix) or TCPort (on Windows) to store objects from Mathematica directly on hard disk. Special thanks to James Mansion for  porting TokyoCabinet to Windows!

For compatibility the old version based on the QDBM database can still be downloaded from here, however I strictly recommend moving to the new version. A comparisson of database productivity is available here.

QLink has been initially created to be used in the FIRE program (thanks to Mikhail Tentioukov for giving me the idea to use a database to battle against memory problems and to Peter Marquard for pointing at the QDBM database); later similar memory problems were encountered in the sector decomposition activity; the use of QLink allowed to step quickly to a new level of computations.

QLink currently is supported in two versions, the old one, based on QDBM, and the new one, bases on TokyoCabinet.

QLink is made with the use of the MathLink technology.

QLink is distributed under the terms of GNU GPLv2.

This project is partially supported by RFBR 08-02-01451-а

If you result in a publication while using QLink as a tool, please refer to http://qlink08.sourceforge.net

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