sunem.for  --  Version 1.00
Authors: S. Pozzorini (U. Karlsruhe) and E. Remiddi (U. Bologna)
Date   : Mai 2005

For documentation see the paper

"Precise numerical evaluation of the two loop sunrise graph 
Master Integrals in the equal mass case"
by S. Pozzorini and E. Remiddi
TTP05-06, SFB/CPP-05-14

The routine SUNRISE, which evaluates the Master integrals in 
d=2 and d=4 dimesions, is contained in the file sunem.for;

The file examplesunem.for contains a simple program that 
illustrates how to use the routine SUNRISE;

Input and output of a few test run can be found in the file 

The current version has been tested using the g77 compiler.
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