Introduction to Theoretical Particle Physics WS 18/19

Prof. Dr. Matthias Steinhauser, Dr. Joshua Davies, Dr. Go Mishima

Course Information

Starting from December 17 (Monday) we will switch from the V4U2 mode into the V2U2 mode; the lecture will only take place on Mondays.

Additionally, there will be no lecture on January 7 2019. This means that, from December 17, the lectures will take place on 17.12.18, 14.1.19, 21.1.19, 28.1.19.

There will not be tutorials on 7.1.19 or 9.1.19; tutorials will resume on 14.1.19 and 16.1.19, when we will discuss Sheet 9.

Certificates for this course can be obtained from Office 11/07 from Friday 8th February.

Recommended Literature

Excercise Sheets