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 +====== TTP10-52 Flavor Physics in an SO(10) Grand Unified Model ====== 
 +   <​hidden TTP10-52 ​ Flavor Physics in an SO(10) Grand Unified Model >   In supersymmetric grand-unified models, the lepton mixing matrix can possibly 
 +affect flavor-changing transitions in the quark sector. We present a detailed 
 +analysis of a model proposed by Chang, Masiero and Murayama, in which the 
 +near-maximal atmospheric neutrino mixing angle governs large new b -&gt; s 
 +transitions. Relating the supersymmetric low-energy parameters to seven new 
 +parameters of this SO(10) GUT model, we perform a correlated study of several 
 +flavor-changing neutral current (FCNC) processes. We find the current bound on 
 +B(tau -&gt; mu gamma) more constraining than B(B -&gt; X_s gamma). The LEP limit on 
 +the lightest Higgs boson mass implies an important lower bound on tan beta, 
 +which in turn limits the size of the new FCNC transitions. Remarkably, the 
 +combined analysis does not rule out large effects in B_s-B_s-bar mixing and we 
 +can easily accomodate the large CP phase in the B_s-B_s-bar system which has 
 +recently been inferred from a global analysis of CDF and DO data. The model 
 +predicts a particle spectrum which is different from the popular Constrained 
 +Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (CMSSM). B(tau -&gt; mu gamma) enforces 
 +heavy masses, typically above 1 TeV, for the sfermions of the degenerate first 
 +two generations. However, the ratio of the third-generation and 
 +first-generation sfermion masses is smaller than in the CMSSM and a (dominantly 
 +right-handed) stop with mass below 500 GeV is possible. </​hidden>​ 
 +|**Jennifer Girrbach, Sebastian Jaeger, Markus Knopf, Waldemar Martens, Ulrich Nierste, Christian Scherrer, Soeren Wiesenfeldt** ​ |  
 +|** JHEP 1106 044 2011  **  | 
 +| {{preprints:​2010:​ttp10-52.pdf|PDF}} {{preprints:​2010:​ttp10-52.ps|PostScript}} [[http://​arxiv.org/​abs/​1101.6047|arXiv]] ​  | 
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