The file 'Deltaggh.h' contains analytical results in FORM notation for the paper

       "Virtual three-loop corrections to Higgs boson production in
                gluon fusion for finite top quark mass"

by Alexey Pak, Mikhail Rogal and Matthias Steinhauser, arXiv [hep-ph]:xxxx.xxxx

In 'Deltaggh.h' the variable 'Deltaggh' is defined which corresponds
to the expression 

  1 + \alpha_s^(5)/Pi \delta^(1) + (\alpha_s^(5)/Pi)^2 \delta^(2) 

as defined in Eq.(2). In Eqs.(6)-(12) the results are given for N_c=3
and n_l=5.

Used variables:

nc       number of colours
nl       number of light flavours
a5pi     = \alpha_s^(5)/Pi, 
         MSbar renormalized strong coupling constant for 5 active flavours
ep       = (4-D)/2, D: dimension of a space-time
z2,z3,z4 \zeta(2), \zeta(3), \zeta(4), Riemann's Zeta-function
Mh       Higgs boson mass
RhoOS    = (Mh/Mtop)^2, Mtop: top quark mass renormalized in on-shell scheme
lmMh     = Log(mu^2/Mh^2), mu: renormalization scale
lMhmt    = Log(Mh^2/Mtop)
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